Is A Company Store Right For My Business?


Yes, starting with Advertising Incentives Exclusive Online Store Pricing Advantage:

All Advertising Incentives online store pricing is EQP (End Column Pricing) or better.

Example Catalog pricing:

100-149 Quantity $ 6.70
250-499 Quantity $ 6.45
500-999 Quantity $ 6.20
1000 +    Quantity $ 5.95

Online store- price would be $5.95 each when ordering 100 quantity or more.
AI will also extend EQP throughout 2009 on Ten of our industries best product lines including, Logomark, Toppers, Advalite, Prime Line, Sanmar, Webb, Rivers End and more.
AI will provide these catalogs free of charge in reasonable quantities when provided a shipper number.

Note: Must order catalog minimums to receive EQP

There are seven critical elements Advertising Incentives considers in creating a successful store.

Most stores are designed with three objectives:

  1. Make the managing of your branded materials as effortless and hassle-free as possible for you, your marketing staff and representatives.

  2. Aid in the promotion of your Company and your products through effective merchandising to your colleagues

  3. Help establish criteria for deciding if a Company Store is right for you and than implementing a company store custom tailored to your business

There are many reasons why a company needs to create their own company store, most of which fall into one of these categories:


Make materials more readily available to colleagues (while minimizing your administration)

  • Control purchasing

  • Control branding and logo usage

  • Control marketing and track buying trends

The two most important benefits to creating and maintaining a virtual store are Easier access and faster distribution of materials to promote your brand Minimal administration of these materials for your staff AI will answer many of the common questions asked when starting a store, such as:

  • How much inventory should we consider?

  • How do I control purchasing?

  • How much will this store cost?

  • How do we ensure our store is a success?

  • What criteria should I use to select a vendor?

SCM: Supply Chain Management: The process of planning, implementing, and controlling the operations of the supply chain to satisfy customer requirements as efficiently as possible.

In recent years, large companies have shut down their on-site physical company stores. A large tire manufacturer with over 1,000 employees experienced nominal success with their on-site store for their employees. Unfortunately, the upkeep and personnel required was too demanding. Key personnel within the company were involved in procurement and retailing promotional merchandise (not a core competency). As purchasing spun out of control, store hours became difficult to maintain with a limited staff. With so many key personnel tied up in retail merchandising, the whole project seemed to drain massive amounts of opportunity costs.

Yet the demand for the brand’s merchandise remained high.

A Brief History: In the 16 billion dollar promotional industry, company stores are on the rise. Printing companies, embroidery companies, direct-mail firms and others involved in corporate identity are racing to provide online management tools for materials because it is one of the fastest growing segments in each market. The reasons for the demand are simple: speed and priorities.

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