Services at Advertising Incentives

Do you need help selecting a special item for an event? With our research capabilities, we can find the right product for your special event, trade show, client outing, or marketing project.

Dedicated Special Order reps have access to over 750,000 promotional products. They utilize electronic sourcing programs such as ESP to assist in locating products faster and easier.

Our creative, unique and cost effective suggestions are based on the needs and objectives of the project.

We welcome your individual projects and are professionals at providing quality products and excellent service at competitive prices.

We will deliver tailored ideas for:

  • Business Anniversary Celebrations

  • Corporate Communications

  • Customer Appreciation and Recognition

  • Employee Sales Incentives

  • Fundraising

  • Golf Outings

  • New Product Launches

  • Sales Conferences

  • Seminars

  • Trade Shows

  • Safety Programs

  • Recognizing years of service

A successful campaign does not just happen. To realize goals and objectives, campaigns must be carefully planned, taking into consideration the objective, target audience, theme/message, distribution and budget.

We provide the sales and marketing insight, unique product ideas and distribution solutions necessary to achieve your goals.

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Promotional Products Retain Customers


Customers who receive promotional products reinvest more frequently and express more good will toward the advertiser.
Promotional products:

  • Strengthen relationships

  • Reward loyalty

  • Build brand awareness

  • Introduce new products

  • Send appreciation

  • Promotional Products Motivate and Reward Sales People

Sales achievement recognition is critical for motivating and retaining sales representatives and maintaining a profitable bottom line. Sales incentive programs appeal to all interests.

Promotional products:

  • Increase sales

  • Generate new business

  • Retain customers

  • Raise profits

  • Reduce turnover

Promotional Products Strengthen Community Ties

When you donate promotional products to a charitable event or community organization, you help raise money for a good cause, boost your company’s profile and let the community know you truly care.

Promotional products:

  • Sponsor local celebrations

  • Promote fundraising campaigns

  • Reward volunteers

  • Build community goodwill

  • Reflect your company’s principles

Giving promotional gifts to your vendors acknowledge their contribution to your success and strengthen your strategic partnerships.

Promotional products:

  • Improve quality control

  • Increase profitability

  • Reduce turn-around time

  • Enhance customer service

Promotional Products Encourage Dealers to Sell Your Products "How do I encourage our dealers to sell our product instead of someone else's?"

Money is not the only motivator.

A targeted dealer incentive campaign will bring your product/service to the forefront.

Promotional products:

  • Boost brand awareness

  • Promote long-term partnerships

  • Educate sales force

  • Motivate channel partner